Get Inspired Creating Books And Self-Publishing With Blurb

A breakthrough in publishing, Blurb provides you with the power to create digital books then publish, sell, and distribute your work in a breeze. Founded in 2005, the company is based in San Francisco and Blurb has ever since been inspiring people to express their creativity through designing their very own books in a full suite book-making tool within a software that is free to download.

Blurb’s BookSmart Software, Bookify and BookWright allows for personalization of your book inside and out. Turn your pictures and text, or import your manuscript from a word processing program into a high-quality, professional looking book. Fabricate it with a hardcover or softcover, or ebook edition conveniently from just one main source file. Choose from a huge selection of page layouts to match your preferences. You can make books and ebooks, weekly planners, notebooks, magazines, photo and trade books in a myriad of sizes like square books, and opt for portrait and landscape views. Have it printed in various paper options inclusive of Proline, premium quality and deluxe new papers, and end sheets. The ability to create or edit existing templates is granted to you, as well as save it for future use. You can customize it with a full-page bleed on both front and back covers which arrive in matte or dust jacket among many other options, giving it an authentic look of a traditional book. Have a two-page spread, a photo stretched to cover two full pages in vivid color, such as those found in magazines. Social media is incorporated with the option to add your Instagram and Faceboook photos, utilize Flicker-hosted photos and import blog content. The Blurb Mobile 2.0 lets you create your story with your iPhone and iPad with a mix of photos, audio and videos. Ebook conversion of your Blurb book can be done for the iPad and reformatted for the Amazon Kindle. The Story Album Software is also available in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Anyone can use Blurb, whether you are a photographer, business owner, an experienced or aspiring author, or simply wish to share your experiences to others. Let you talent shine and give inspiration to people from all over the world. The book-making tools are available in different languages. Set your own price and easily share and sell your finished book online. Blurb has made global distribution easily accessible by means of Amazon or retailers worldwide, such as Apple’s iBooks Store. The Direct Sell option keeps you connected and lets you sell through your very own Personal Storefront. Explore other author’s creations in the bookstore for good reads. Self-publishing is made simple and efficient by eliminating the need to hire developer or designer, more so, you get to keep 100 percent of the markup. Blurb’s flexibility and versatility gives you full control over your books and be the author you wish to be.

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