The Many Types Of Turmeric You Can Find On The Market

Turmeric curcumin is a plant that’s native to India and given the fact it has powerful medicinal properties, it has been used throughout history in countries such as China and India to treat different types of diseases and conditions. On top of that, people also use it extensively in cooking since it gives meals a really great flavor that has become a staple in Indian cuisine. However, there are many types of turmeric you can get these days and we’re going to focus on the many varieties you can find on the market in the paragraphs below.

Capsule Form

Most of the times people are going to be interested in getting curcumin pills since they are not only very simple to use, but at the same time they are affordable and they can help improve their health very fast. They’re great for anyone suffering with psoriasis, arthritis pains, heart diseases and other conditions of the skin and bones. As for how many of them you should take, well, anything that is beyond 4 hundred to 5 hundred milligrams a day is not recommended.

Common Turmeric

Common turmeric is the type that is generally used to cook many Asian dishes and it’s also the type that has become very common in American food. This turmeric has a bright yellow color with the most popular varieties used in dishes including the Alleppey and Madras. The former has a darker color than the latter and it’s also the second most popular type of turmeric you’re going to find in stores.

Medicinal Turmeric

For Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric plays a vital role that cannot be underestimated. In fact, it’s its special ingredient called curcumin that gives turmeric the special properties we have all grown to love it for. To make sure you’ll get your hands on the real deal though, you need to do some research and only get it from authorized sellers.

Massive Yield

In the US a lot of people have started using turmeric not only in order to cook delicious foods, but also to improve their overall health. An increased demand though has inevitably led to a situation where the United States was required to find crops that represent growers with the largest possible yield. If you’re curious about the two types of turmeric that offer the highest yield per hectare, they include Prathiba and Prabha which are very valuable to farmers.